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Looking to sell your property? Our Superior interior redesign and staging staff can bring your home that appeal you need to market and sell your home in record time.

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These one-hour sessions assess your redesign, staging and color needs.  In addition to helping you determine your overall décor questions, we specifically identify strategies for floor layout, wall coverings, window treatments, fabric selection, flooring ideas and overall color scheme.
One-on-one meetings allow us to pinpoint what is working and what isn't throughout your home. Our consultations will help you to achieve a finished look that reflects your needs and desires.

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Interior Décor Coaching

Creating the perfect home is much more than a look. You are intrigued with design, enjoy being creative, and like taking charge.  You want to be more involved in the design of your own home. 
We will work intimately with you to give your rooms an entirely new look.
If you need the support of a professional Interior Designer, but want to manage the project and purchasing yourself, we will help you develop a plan and give you the advice, resources, and education needed to get you there! We can provide your floor plans, color schemes, material selections and finish details – You will take it from there!

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Home Staging (Redesigned to Sell)

One Day Décor will give you the edge you desire when selling your home. Whether your surroundings are relatively modest or luxurious, we will present your home in its best light, utilizing your existing furnishings or rental options.
Eliminating clutter, furniture layout, and lighting are the key elements we focus on when staging each room for show. You will also be given a detailed listing of repairs or improvements that may be essential in the re-sale potential of your home.
Buyers form an opinion of a home within seconds of the first glimpse, often even before they walk in the front door.  Put simply, properties presented properly, sell faster and at a better price.

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Color Consultations

We are proud to be among the initial consultants registered on the We Make Color Easy web-site and certified in the Dewey Color System. The patented “Dewey Color Coordinator” simplifies color selection.  25,000 colors have been perfectly coordinated into no-mistake combinations to choose from.  Dewey has taken his color system one step further to mesh with the client’s personality.  This multi-patented system is the first of its kind to be scientifically validated. 

With your certified Dewey Color Consultant eliminating the anxiety and expense of color guesswork, you'll experience a stress-free, in-home consultation that recommends room by room, exact paint, fabric and accessory colors without the fear of a color mismatch. 
This consultation session addresses décor concerns vis-à-vis color. You will discover your comfort colors and build color palettes that tie into the larger scheme of your home.

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One Day Interior Redesign

Interior redesign is a cost effective alternative to traditional interior design. Purchasing new furniture and accessories is not always necessary to achieve a dramatic redesigned makeover.   We use only your existing furnishings, rearranging them creatively to breathe new life into your home.
By utilizing what you currently own, we transform your space with unique and creative placement of furnishings, lighting, artwork, and accessories to give your rooms a new look of warmth, beauty and comfort.
A consultation will be set up to view your home to discuss your likes, dislikes and needs.  From there we’ll determine the scope and cost of the project. On the day of your redesign, your space(s) will be emptied of all but the largest pieces of furniture. Using design principles of color, balance and scale, we will rearrange your furniture, reposition your accessories and re-hang your artwork to create a harmonious environment for you and your family.

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Client Shopping

We are happy to accompany you on shopping trips (or shop for you), so that you will receive expert decorating advice, avoid indecision and costly decorating mistakes. If items are needed to complete a room after it has been redesigned, we will give you specifics of items that are recommended.

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