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Why Train With IRIS?


Train with an IRIS approved instructor and join IRIS---the largest,

professional interior redesign and real estate staging organization in the world!!

IRIS is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to communication, education and camaraderie within the interior redesign and staging community, and our training standards are the highest and most comprehensive in the industry. 


Why should you train with an IRIS approved instructor?

All IRIS instructors offer five-day training programs in the redesign/staging concepts and their course manuals and content meet the stringent requirements of the IRIS Training committee.

EXCELLENCE: IRIS is the world’s premier interior redesign and real estate staging organization

EXPERIENCE: IRIS approved instructors are successful redesign and staging business owners who have made a committed decision to share their professional expertise with others. 

CONSISTENCY: IRIS trainers create and submit their own course manuals according to a strict set of criteria.

VISIBILITY: IRIS instructors actively promote the industry within their communities and with local and national media

INTEGRITY: IRIS instructors follow a strict code of ethics with a strong commitment to educate and to insure a comprehensive and quality training program

COMPREHENSIVE: Each instructor provides a comprehensive and exciting course, which includes a variety of valuable hands-on exercises and detailed how-to presentations.

PERSONALIZED: The maximum class size of six students creates an ideal training setting for an optimized learning experience. During the week, instructors can spend more time with each individual student and the students have greater access to the instructor’s experience and knowledge.


Experience is the best teacher…nothing compares with hands-on training…

When you choose and successfully complete an IRIS training program, you’ll be well prepared to begin your own business as a certified interior redesigner/stager 

IRIS instructors incorporate at least three different hands-on makeovers within the 5-day professional course, and each has been chosen to expose the student to different experiences and challenges in order to increase the skills and confidence level of the student.

Real-life decorating dilemmas, problem solving scenarios & quick fix solutions are all introduced into the five day curriculum.

Redesign/Staging for Real Estate…

Redesign is the foundation upon which real estate staging is based, because the ability to correctly place furniture, hang art and accessorize will allow you to dramatically highlight the positive selling features of the home.

Once you learn the basics of redesign, you can both stage a home for sale and redesign a client’s new home for the move-in 

With at least three days of hands-on practice in redesign/staging basics during the five-day training, you are totally prepared to stage a home for sale

Focused education and training in a small classroom setting…

Professional IRIS training consists of both classroom and field practice

Personal attention in small class formats helps students absorb the course content and overall experience 

Comprehensive training manuals  include fundamental lessons in the step by step process of redesign/staging – hanging art, accessory placement, basic color theory and decorating principles, successful lighting design, as well as learning how to evaluate your client’s needs.

Critical steps and guidelines for starting a small business, along with essential business forms you will need are included in your training manual. In addition, you will learn how to market and promote your small business, as well as guidelines to help you develop your consultation and design fee structure.

Growing your skills for multiple streams of income. In addition to home decorating and staging, graduates can also offer niche services such as art installation, accessorizing, color and lighting consultations, move-in services, furniture & accessory shopping, special occasion & holiday decorating and more!

Your benefit-rich membership with IRIS…

Continued coaching with your trainer is just an email away for IRIS members. Your training does not end when you return home. Your IRIS instructor and the IRIS organization offer continuous support to help you succeed, validating your decision to select an IRIS trainer!  

As an IRIS member, you will have the opportunity to network with other redesigners and stagers on the Members Only Message Board. You’ll find that your specific questions about redesign/staging dilemmas, marketing strategies and decorating ideas will be answered, and information about resources will be shared.

Discover the latest and greatest tools, and gain access to exclusive information on our Members Only Page

Receive need-to-know  information through our member-only newsletter

The Insider is the public newsletter for redesign/staging clients to access at the website or for IRIS members to send out a link to their clients.  It is about decorating, redesign, staging and seasonal stuff to entertain and inform clients. 

The Informer is the emailed news vehicle sent directly to IRIS members to keep members informed of what is happening at IRIS.

The Resource is the quarterly member-only newsletter, available on the Member's Only Page.

Pre-written press release and marketing templates available on Members Only page

Opportunity to be listed on the Locate a Specialist page of the IRIS website for international exposure

The annual IRIS conference features top motivational speakers, educational break out sessions, trade show vendors and the opportunity to come together with fellow redesigners and stagers in an atmosphere of camaraderie, collaboration and excitement!

Grow your business by using our credit card processing service and professional discounts through Bellacor Lighting and more!

National recognition as a certified interior redesigner and real estate stager.

Choose wisely!

Have you been searching through the multitude of training programs on the web trying to determine the most all-inclusive, best fit for your needs?

Is it difficult for you to weigh the pros and cons of individual programs?

Would you like to discover a redesign/staging course that will not only meet, but exceed your        expectations?!

Because IRIS is committed to the highest quality education, we encourage you to research the programs offered by our instructors in order to decide which one is best suited for you.

Each instructor brings a unique format and personal style to their training program. Prior to registering for a course, we recommend that you contact the instructor first to discuss all aspects of their professional training course. In addition, ask to speak to former students to discuss their training experience.

Frequently Asked Questions 

In order to assist with your decision making, we have suggested some questions you may wish to pose while researching a training program.  In addition, we have included our responses to these questions as they relate to the approved IRIS instructors.

Q: Do I need any previous design training or decorating experience?

A: All of the training programs are suitable for anyone without former education or experience in the design or decorating field. For those who have a traditional design background, the training programs offer an excellent opportunity for advanced learning in the techniques of redesign and staging.

Q:  What is included in the class curriculum?

A: Every program includes the principles and procedures of the redesign/ staging process, the application of redesign/staging techniques, hands-on  instruction, and  guidelines for marketing,  promotion and business start-up guidelines for this unique type of design service.

Q: How many days is your program?

A: There is so much to learn about Redesign/staging, a full five days is necessary to cover all the techniques, principles and practices of this design process.

Q: What is the class size?

A: The student-teacher ratio is critical to the learning experience. The maximum class size is six students, which provides both an individualized training experience for each student as well as greater access to the instructor.

Q:  How many redesign/stagings take place in actual homes? Am I able to participate in the "hands-on" segment of the redesign?

A: While verbal and visual instruction is an integral part of the learning process, we believe that the ultimate way to learn redesign/staging is by "doing".  All instructors offer a minimum of three redesign/staging opportunities in different homes, posing a variety of challenges. You will participate in the actual "hands-on" process of the room make over.

Q: Where are the classes held?

A: Classes should be held in a professional and comfortable location that is both smoke and fragrance-free, with adequate lighting and room to take notes.

Q: Will sample business, pricing and marketing forms be given to the students?

A: Promotional and marketing materials, pricing information, project and client forms should all be included as well as step by step guidelines for starting and promoting your business .

Q: How accessible will the trainer be after the course has ended?

A: Post -course availability of the instructor for questions, ideas is extremely important because it plays a significant role in the success of the student

Q: Am I eligible to join IRIS upon completion of my training program?

A: Upon completion of the five day training course and successfully passing the certification test, you are eligible to apply for IRIS membership. You will be given the IRIS application packet by your instructor before you leave class.

Q: May I call some of your student referrals?

A: Individual instructors should be happy to put you in touch with former students so you can discuss their training experience, one-on-one.

Considering the resources, time and energy you will be investing in a training course, it is imperative that you do your due diligenceup-front so as not to be disappointed or even worse—lacking in confidence and feeling unprepared to start a career in redesign and real estate staging.

Every trainer who specializes in interior redesign and real estate staging should be eager to answer the above questions.  Remember, it’s your success at stake.

Your next step…

IRIS is growing by leaps and bounds! Take the next step, train with an IRIS approved instructor and join the very best professional interior redesign and real estate staging organization around.



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